Calcasieu Model Exposition
and Contest
A Salute to the Lindberg Line
Theme Eligibility
To qualify for the theme your entry must begin with a kit marketed under the Lindberg
Name. You may modify by scratch building.
No aftermarket parts or accessories, i.e., no Photoetch, Verlinden, or true details parts.
Scratch building is encouraged and you may make unlimited use of evergreen, Plastruct
or other comparable products, so long as at least 75% of the finished model consists of
the original Lindberg Kit. The kit instructions bearing the Lindberg Logo must
accompany the model on display.

The Lindberg Line is 86 years and still going strong. The origins of this venerable line of
plastic model kits date back to the 1930’s when Paul Lindberg begin designing
stick and tissue kits. After Work War II, this company played an important role in the
development of the plastic model industry.

Contest Forms
CALMEX Categories
CALMEX Model Table Card
CALMEX Model Registration
Downloadable Registration Forms
Once you download the forms, Adobe Reader will let you fill in the form before you print it out!
Entry Fees:
Adults - $10.00 for the first model - Juniors - $5.00 for the first five models
Each additional model $1.00
Pre-Teen - Free

Admission for the public to view the models on display in the contest along with access
to the vendors room is FREE.
Hotels Available in the Lake Area
Map & Directions
CALMEX has moved to the Lake Charles Civic Center.
HERE for directions.